Best Ways To Write a Thank You Email After An Interview – With Samples

Sending a thank you email after an interview is the best way to express your genuine interest in seeking the job. A simple courtesy can create a positive impression in the eye of the hiring managers. 

With the current market scenario and soaring competition, it is safe to say that companies like to evaluate their options. For any vacancy, like you, there will be at least four other candidates with similar or higher qualifications being interviewed for the same job. Hence, a thank you email after an interview is the surest way to stand out amongst other candidates. 

According to a recent study, 57% of candidates do not send thank you emails after a job interview, and 80% of hiring managers found thank you emails helpful for making final hiring decisions. Let’s do the math! Isn’t it so obvious how important it is to send a thank you email after an interview!!

Writing a thank-you email can be easy when you have a dialogue approach to the entire interview experience and do not see an interview as a monologue.

Because when you have two-way communication, you are confident to express and share your thoughts and opinions about the things discussed in an interview.

Points to Remember While Writing Thank You Email After an Interview

Interview Thank You Email

Now that we have established the importance of writing a thank you email, let’s learn some smart ways to write a thank you email to form an excellent impression of you in front of the interviewers. At the same time, you will not sound casual and desperate.

  • Send Thank You Email within 24 hours of the Interview.

Sending an email with a thank you note on the same day of the interview is said to be the best window of career opportunities. It helps to make a prompt and appropriate impression in front of the interviewers.

If you are interviewed in the morning, send a thank you mail by the evening or the following day. Pen down what you liked about the office environment, work culture, or the hiring managers. It will convey that you are a decent communicator and relatively interested in the position.

Waiting on it for two or three days will certainly give a laid-back and casual impression. On the contrary, it may form a judgment about you and your disinterest in the position.

  • Keep a Simple and Clear Subject Line For Your Thank You Email

The fate of your email depends on your subject line. The subject line of your email should be to the point and simple. At first glance, it should give away the purpose of sending an email.

Do not try to be clever with classy words or experiment with the subject line by saying something smart and witty. It may give an idea that you are trying too hard to form an impression, and your email may end up not being opened by the receiver.

Thank you for your time”, “Thank you for the interview”, or “Thank You” is also suitable for a subject line.

Writing Thank You for Interview email
  • Keep the Message Subtle and Concise

Please do not stretch the body copy of your email. It will create a negative impression as the interviewers might find it inappropriate and unprofessional. To be precise, keep it to the point. 

Mention a specific point you found interesting that was discussed in the interview. It can be about the work process or the job role itself. 

Let them know how your skills and expertise are the best fit for the position. It will subtly reaffirm your interest and make them confident about you.

Seize this opportunity and make it work!

  • Sound Enthusiastic and Excited

The tone of your email matters significantly. It should sound excited and enthusiastic as it will show that you are an optimistic person and always have a positive approach.

Your excitement and enthusiasm will speak more than words, provided they can sense it through your email. Your message should convey that you are interested and looking forward to working with them.

Using words like appreciated, learned, interested, looking forward will help set the right tone.

How to Write Thank You for Interview Email
  • Send Separate and Personalized Emails to Each Interviewer

Here, play smartly by having an impeccable presence of mind. 

Ask your interviewers for the business card during the introduction so you don’t have to search for their profiles later. Write separate emails to them and mention something you discussed with them specifically. To create a positive remark, it should sound like a personalized message.

There are high chances that the interviewers may discuss this amongst each other. Hence, you don’t want to sound robotic or dull by sending the same email to everyone.

  • Sign off Assertively and Professionally

Closing an Email is an Art!

Making the right choice of words to leave the conversation open-ended. Using appropriate sign-offs is the primary component of closing an email. 

Here, you can share more information about yourself by sharing the link of your online pages and portfolios, inviting them to let you know if they have any further questions. You look forward to staying in touch with them irrespective of the interview results.

Using sign-offs like Best Regards, Kind Regards, Thank You, Sincerely followed by your name sounds professional.

Also, we recommend you mention your basic contact details, phone number, and email address. In case they want to contact you instantly.

Samples for Thank You Emails after an Interview

Sample for Writing Thank You Email After Interview

1. Sample for Regular Thank You Email After Interview

Subject Line: Thank you from Aditi Sharma

Hi Abhineet,

Thanks for taking the time and scheduling an interview with me today. It was great to discuss career opportunities in digital marketing. Your knowledge and insights about content marketing gave me a lot of ideas for my ongoing job search.

I especially liked your workspace. The people in your office are friendly and helpful, making me look forward to working with you. Also, the infrastructure seems decent, clean, and healthy that will motivate me to work for the long term.

Again, your suggestions and time are so appreciated. I hope to chat again soon! 


Aditi Sharma


Thank You for the Interview Email

2. Sample for Telephonic/Video Calling Thank You Email After Interview

Subject Line: Thank You Email for Interviewer- Rakesh Agarwal

Hi Anirudh,

Thank you for taking the time and scheduling a call on such short notice. It was really nice meeting you over the call and discussing the latest trends in the fashion industry.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today about the Fashion Blogger position at your company. Also, I liked how you talked about the difference between Indian and foreign fashions. It helped me figure out the mentality of a common individual about this industry.

After the interview, I’m excited about this career opportunity and exploring my journey after this internship. I am looking forward to working with you and your company.

I appreciate the time you took for this interview and now reading my mail.


Rakesh Agarwal


Final Thoughts

Thank You Email After Interview

Writing a thank you email after an interview looks decent, and the interviewer admires your professionalism. Also, you have an opportunity to get noticed and increase the chances of your selection. Hence, it’s a win-win situation from both ends.

So, start writing before it’s too late!!

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