5 Worst Networking Mistakes To Avoid When Searching For a Job

networking mistakes to avoid

Networking mistakes to avoid? Can someone even make a mistake while networking? It seems hypothetical, right? It isn’t just about getting a job. It’s about building relationships with the people around you, who can lead to opportunities that you may not have found on your own.

Networking is the process of developing professional, personal, and business relationships with other people.It is about establishing these relationships to build long-term mutual connections that can be leveraged in the future.

Networking is essential in today’s fast-paced world for many reasons. Here are some networking mistakes to avoid when searching for a job.

5 Networking Mistakes To Avoid When Searching For a Job

  1. Not Volunteering

The good old-fashioned networking event has its merits, but the six degrees of separation are lessening. You need to invest more time actively forming meaningful connections with people; joining smaller networking group sessions will help you better accomplish this. 

Participating in online community groups is a great way to sustain the human connection and increase your opportunity to talk to people who share common interests. The best part, they’re all volunteers, and we’re all looking for opportunities to network and make more connections! 

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  1. Too Much Focus On Self Needs 

Some common pitfalls can make networking less fruitful. Focusing only on your needs might be the biggest networking mistake to avoid. The more you help others, the easier it will be for them to help you in return.

Networking is all about creating mutually beneficial relationships. If you focus only on your needs, you will not get anything from the other person aside from a quick conversation or networking opportunities with people with similar interests.

To create a lasting impression and build a strong relationship, focus on the other person. It will make them want to help you because they will see that you will not waste their time or money and then leave them hanging.

networking mistakes to avoid
  1. Not Willing To Connect With Everyone

You’ve put in the time, you’ve scanned the room, said hello to everyone, and shook their hands. You feel like you made it past the first hurdle of networking at this event. 

Those with less experience, however, should not be neglected. They may be the best person to ask. They’re also capable of submitting a résumé to HR or their hiring manager! Especially if you’re trying to advance your profession and may need to tread carefully.

networking mistakes to avoid
  1. Asking For Too Much

People often make the mistake of asking too much from a person during their first encounter. During the networking events, they get too pushy with their business cards and try to hand them out at every opportunity. It’s better to wait for the right time before you exchange contact details with someone.

  1. Not Following Up 
networking mistakes to avoid

Networking can be a complicated process to perfect. Some people are good at it, while others are not. One widespread mistake is not following up with your networking contacts after meeting them.

People often forget to follow up with their new networks, because they might have information that would be very valuable for you in your next job search. The person might even remember you and give you the information you were looking for without asking for it too!

Follow-up can be done by sending the client an email, making a phone call, or sending them a business card via snail mail. You will show the client that you are interested in their business and might help them with their problems or goals.

Top Tips For Job Seekers | How to Create and Maintain A Solid Professional Network

tips for job seekers
  1. Reach out to HRs & professionals in your network

Having a solid network is critical when looking for a new job. Perhaps someone in your network is aware of a job opening before it is advertised or knows the HR manager and can recommend you.

According to HubSpot, networking fills 85% of job openings. According to CNBC, 70% of positions are never publicly advertised.

Such positions are either internally advertised or developed expressly for applicants whom recruiters have met through networking. According to LinkedIn, 70% of professionals employed in 2016 had a connection at work, and 80% believe networking is critical to their job success.

  1. Use LinkedIn to connect with industry professionals

Using social media to connect with others who share your interests is a terrific method to meet new people.

Moreover, you may connect with like-minded people and learn from their experiences and knowledge thanks to the many platforms and forums available online nowadays.

Networking is essential for a successful career. Networking is responsible for 85% of all job openings. A strong network can help you define your brand, connect with other professionals, share industry knowledge, and find jobs more quickly.

  1. Help other job seekers as well

A good network must be balanced, which means that you must give as much as you receive. If you ask for someone’s assistance or use the contact for your benefit, make sure you’re ready to return the favour when asked.

Although 79% of professionals feel that networking is essential for job advancement, just 48% regularly keep in touch with their network, as per the LinkedIn survey.

Furthermore, 38% of professionals say it’s challenging to keep in touch with their network. So it’s essential that you try and maintain your networks and stay in touch with them regularly.

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

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