15 Work from home tips to maximize productivity

In the world of social distancing and the pandemic where going out is entirely unsafe, work from home is like a win-win situation for the companies and their employees. People are not supposed to go to offices but stay at home doing remote work, which permits them to spend quality time with their families. People can have their mental and physical space while doing their regular jobs is like a dream come true. But everything in life has two sides to it, wfh can be a problem for those who are new to technology or those who like to be social while working.

Then arises the question of How to work from home and adapt to the changing culture and lifestyle. Here we present to you 15 tried and tested tips to work from home in the hope to solve every problem that you might face dealing with this new technological era.

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WFH Tips To Increase Productivity

  1. Follow a fixed timetable: You must have a dedicated time slot for everything. It is imperative to have good break slots, family time, sleep time, fun time, frequent meals, and creative time in your daily routine. This helps a lot in wfh as the productivity increases. 
  2. Communication is the key: The most important of all the other work from tips such as working at home alone without having anybody to talk to can even lead to depression. Communicating with people is the best option to cope up with boredom and loneliness. 
  3. A Dedicated workspace: You should have your separate workspace in your house where you sit daily for hours and work. A quieter place with a table and a chair might be the best option rather than a lousy couch or a bed. It helps to improve focus and dedication towards the job.
  4. Focus on some hobbies: Working and sitting all the time can give you a feeling of boredom and a creative block. Focusing on some hobby like art, music, dance, sports, or much more is always a good idea to distract yourself from the stress and pressure of work and life. 
  5. Keep an active lifestyle: All day sitting and no exercise can make your body stop functioning in the right way. A workout of some kind is essential to relax the mind and keep your body in perfect shape. 
  6. Correct Body Postures: Paying attention to ergonomics is also very important. Choosing an uncomfortable chair but with back support and using earbuds if your work is long calls-based. All these small-looking things have a significant impact in the long run.
  7. Know your employer’s remote work policies: To cope with the problems during crises and pandemics like this, there are some guidelines, including remote work policies. This has all the information about how to work from home. 
  8. Scheduled Breaks: Taking small scheduled breaks in between is a proven strategy to improve work results. Relaxing your mind for about 5 to 10 minutes is the sole purpose of these breaks, so you should avoid mobile phones.
  9. Enjoy Family time: Working from home and not meeting anybody for days can impact severely. Talking to your family and taking a break from all the hassles is the best thing to do in your leisure time. Video call your loved ones or old friends and, having a friendly chat is also a good option.
  10. Proper Diet and sleep hours: “Eat healthily, Stay healthy” is the most precise slogan during this pandemic. You can even cook yourself good food while working from home. Taking compulsory sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours a day for your body and mind to rest properly. This keeps the energy levels high, and you can succeed working from home.
  11. Stop overthinking: Working alone, not talking to anybody, and a lot in this world gets you overthinking, which is harmful to your mind. Medication and communication is the key to fight overthinking.
  12. Consider career options: There are jobs not remote-friendly, and you’re sitting idle at your home. You can try freelancing or some tiny home business of your interest, even at your current job. 
  13. Avoid social media: with a lot of negativity going on throughout the world, you should avoid going on social media and doing something physical instead of relaxing your mind.
  14. Learn new age technology: Those new to technology can learn it to survive in the competitive world. Video calling, chatting is essential nowadays.
  15. Create an Office-like atmosphere: You can dress professionally instead of being in your pajamas just for the sake of your mind to feel a bit more responsible, resulting in more productivity.

Wrapping Up

So these are the work-from-home tips that we believe can help you adapt to this new lifestyle and improve your daily routine. The grass is always greener on the other side, but change is the essence of life, and we all have to deal with it. Enjoy your remote work following these tips.

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