5 Best Answers-Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship?

The best answers to why should you be hired for this internship in any profile. Prepare yourself for the interviews with the best possible answers to get hired in well-known companies. 

Are you nervous about your first interview as an intern? Let us boost your confidence by preparing you for the interviews!

When we talk about an internship, it defines the examination of your overall skills in the field you are perfect in. Sometimes, the interviewer makes you comfortable with the questions, and luckily, you have prepared for that answer too. 

But, some questions like, “Why should we hire you for this internship?” might hold your breath for a while!

Several thoughts go into our minds, while the interviewer is waiting for your response. And then you give a nervous smile with no answer. Now, this is the time you need to prepare with all the questions and face the interviewer with much more confidence.

Why You Should Be Hired For This Internship?

why should we hire you

The internship is a way that offers you a chance to gain experience and a set of skills that helps you to create a roadmap of your professional journey. Examining your skills after graduating from a particular course is a must. So, working as an intern is an important phase of life. 

There are many companies and startups are offering internships to newcomers and experienced professionals in diverse fields.

Internships not only help in training but also provide you an exposure to work in a competitive environment.

Today, a lot of mythconceptions revolve around that only paid internships boost the confidence of the person to work efficiently and effectively in the environment.

On the other hand, unpaid internships make you acquainted with the training and the skills required to go for further jobs.

Whether the internship is paid or unpaid, we should have the learning agility and be open to every opportunity coming our way.

How to Answer ‘Why Should You be Hired for this Internship/Role?’

It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.

Jeff Bezos

Putting some light on an internship concerning the thought, we can say that it is an experiment, and if we go through this, then we can easily face any task and complete it with efficiency and effectiveness. 

While answering this question, you must be well aware of the potential skills, especially when you are a fresher. The answer revolves around the discussion of what you have gone through in the training.

Here are some examples:

Here is the list of some possible answers which will set you upon in the eyes of the interviewer

  • ANSWER 1

I am currently in my last semester and being a patient learner, I have grasped a lot of theoretical knowledge. Now, it is my time to work upon my practical knowledge. If I get myself involved in a particular thing, I love to give my 100% in it. Joining your firm will help me get a different way to follow my passion and gain knowledge.

  • ANSWER 2

Being a dedicated person, I can assure you that I can be a positive addition to your firm. It will be my great pleasure to work in an environment with such experienced and qualitative denizens. This will help me teach discipline and my overall development in skills and other activities too.

  • ANSWER 3

This firm has always been my dream company to join either as an intern or a fresher. I have developed my skills in every way needed by the firm. Imbibed me with honesty, I am a candid person and arise with doubts.

  • ANSWER 4

I can be a perfect fit for your firm and help you fulfill all your goals in a moment. I have done several assignments in a team and always gave my best in leadership too. I can assure you with complete work and there would be zero need to recheck the work.

Final Thoughts

These are some examples that can raise your pitch in the interviewer’s eyes and create the best first and last impression. These possible answers can be used in any way and get you hired on the spot.

Boost up your confidence in front of HR and give your best in any field you go.

Good luck with your Future!

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