What Are Your Career Goals? | 5 Best Interview Answers

Career goals are a target that you have been setting up for having a path to achieve something in your life. Majorly the goals are related to defining the professional lives of the people. During your college days, you develop an excellent social network and gossip around with your friends, knowing about their career plans shortly. You come across students who believe in short-term goals while others plan for the long term. 

However, these goal accomplishments differ from person to person. Some set a task to earn a promotion in the organisation, while others might plan to build their business enterprise. 

Why do interviewers ask about your career goals?

Long term career Goals

In interviews, the candidate is asked about the achievements he wants to accomplish in the coming years of their career. If one doesn’t have their roadmap, they might get stuck to answer this simple yet meaningful question. 

A career goal is crucial when you move towards professionalism and work with some intellectuals. As a result, having set an aim helps you provide a better vision to your futuristic establishments. 

The quote, WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY, clearly defines that when you are insightful or determined to achieve a particular course of action, you will always find a way to procure it. 

Importance of having a career goal

Define Career Goals

In professional life, setting career goals become crucial, whether short-term or long-term. In interviews, we have to answer the HR about why we chose this particular life path or where we see ourselves in the upcoming years.

The question in a job interview about your career goal resembles another question about where you see yourself in the next five years. So, here are some of the valuable points of why it is crucial to have a career goal. 

The prominent role of having set a career goal is that it:

  • become a beneficial task and you become a competitor for yourself. You always try to give better and match it with your previous performance. 
  • motivates you to work harder and attain success in your career. 
  • creates a roadmap for a profession, one has a clear picture of their career. 
  • gives you the confidence of following the right path for achieving future goals.

How to answer the question “What is your career goal?”

What are your Career Goals

Still doubtful what the structure is needed to follow when discussing the career goals with your interviewer. 

Do not panic! Here is a guide of tips and tricks to be kept in mind to answer the manager. 

Career Goal Examples


Productivity in terms of career goals defines your performance in a short or an extended period. It discusses how fruitfully you have gained a bit of experience in achieving your desired aim. 

While answering the question What are your career goals, here is a structure to answer about productivity.  


My long-term goal is to become a Professional Writer on specific niche topics. So, I have been working upon my writing skills and also rectifying my grammatical errors.

As I am on my learning curve, I have set up my website to jot down my ideas and thoughts and implement variations in my thought process.

It will help me make improvements day by day as well as I will have a new thing to learn every day. 

How to Make Career Goal Plans


Efficiency can be said similar to productivity, but what makes the difference is how you minimise your efforts in achieving the particular accomplishment. When you take efficiency as a career goal, it helps you gain speed, accuracy, and consistency in earning them. 

Now, you must be wondering how we can answer the question in terms of efficiency. 


I have set a goal of being efficient in every aspect of my work to achieve more with minimal resources used in a short period. 

It will help me improve my working speed due to being a deserved candidate in the industry. 

Therefore, it will also help me earn my short-term goals of acquiring a promotion or bagging an award. 

List Career Goal Examples


Personal Development includes:

  • Improvising your overall skills, knowledge, and expertise in the firm.
  • Being an employee in the same organisation for the long run and promoting to the next level.
  • Attracting new business opportunities for the organisation. 
  • Resume building to set Career Goals : https://myfutureapp.in/blog/career-objective-in-resume/

One can develop by building networks with other employees and talking about the life lessons they have learned. 


My personal development is the key essence to achieving my career goals. As a digital marketer, I need to upskill myself with new trends and technology regularly.

I started as a sales executive in my previous company, where I had to perform cold calling and visit door-to-door to sell our services. It was very tiring, but I was very passionate about my work.

Eventually, I learned new tactics to increase my sales. The fieldwork helped me to discover people’s perspectives, and I gained acknowledgement from my company.

Within the year, I was promoted to Area Sales Manager and received a 50% hike. It was one of my most outstanding achievements, which helped me to move forward in sales.


Career Goal Planning

It is always significant to have career goals, and the best part of it is implementing and working to achieve them with complete determination and passion. 

Therefore, you need to set a goal, make a plan, get to work and, stick to it until and unless it is achieved. The happiness you earn on accomplishing it gives you an exuberant level of joy. 

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