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How to Impress Interviewer presenting the best answers about yourself, your job experience, and your skills is the crucial part of preparing for an interview. 

You have probably heard the expression you are supposed to sell yourself in an interview. And true to its name, the interviewer doesn’t want to listen to words that you think describe you. They want to hear how best do you suit their requirement. Hence, framing your discussion around positive and aspirational words can help you portray confidence and poise during an interview.

The interviewer is interested in only two things: whether you can do the job well and the right choice for the position.

Research the company’s history and core values, and know the specifics of the job description so you can easily cite keywords and explain how your experience and skills fit the job.

So let’s discuss the types of phrases you can use in any interview to get the job and make the interviewer feel that you are the right choice.

10 Phrases For How To Impress Interviewer

  1. Responsibility
how to impress interviewer

Every recruiter, interviewer, or employer is looking for someone who will do their job and take ownership of it. That means they need someone they can rely on to do the job they require. They want a candidate to take up all the responsibilities given and do them with all the power. 

When you’re answering questions about your past experiences, use phrase/sentence starters like, ‘It was my responsibility to _’ or “I was responsible for __.” These are great ways to talk about what you’ve done in the past as it will also show that you took your job seriously and did it well. 

  1. Collaboration
how to impress interviewer

If you want to highlight that you work well with others and are a good team player, then use the word “collaborate”.

Here’s a simple phrase that you can use to highlight an experience of collaborating with others and achieving great success. For example:

  • “In my previous job, I collaborated with my team to accomplish a difficult task (or include the key details you’ve experienced from the past job).” 
  • “Let me enlighten you about a time when I solved a problem like that.” 

Problem-solving is a great skill to have. However, there’s a big difference in just using the words “I’m a problem solver” and proving it. 

So, do your research well about the company you will be interviewing for, and read up about the problems/challenges the company faced earlier. Such kind of preparation will help you to ace your interview. 

  1. I took the initiative 

Taking the initiative means doing needful tasks without anyone asking you to do it. Introduce some system/process changes in the existing set-up, reduce cost by suggesting some better alternative, etc.

Similarly, suppose you know that a colleague is struggling to meet a deadline, and they could use your help. In that case, it means that you take the steps needed to offer specific support to your colleague before they need to ask for your help. 

Honestly, employers select people who take the initiative because it shows self-confidence and hard work. You can use the phrase “I took the initiative to _,” and you can share a specific example when you did something because you knew it was required to do.  

  1. To take the lead 
interviewing phrases to impress your interviewer

To take the lead or have the leadership qualities means to be someone who inspires others to take action when required. You can use leadership and offer these things like “In my previous job, I led my team/my department on _” and then include the specific project. 

  1. Problem solver
how to impress interviewer

When we use the word resolved, it communicates that everyone who was part of the problem or disagreement was satisfied in the end, and that is a very positive outcome. This is a powerful skill that not everyone has, which means that you can find a solution that makes everything smooth. 

So, if you have a specific story from your past, ensure you talk about it:  “When _ (problem) happened, I resolved the situation by___(say the actions you took).” 

  1. Measurable
phrases that will impress your interviewer

If you want to tell your interviewer that you increased their sales last year, that’s fantastic. But if you can make it measurable by saying that you increased the sales by 8.5% last year, that will sound more impactful. That will give you more credibility and provide more decisive proof to your interviewer. 

  1. I can promise an extraordinary result…
phrases that will impress your interviewer

If you have a story about how you collaborated in the past or that you’ll lead a team to come out, the interviewer will want to know what the result was.

For example, what happened after the resolution if you have a story about a conflict you helped resolve? Did the team complete a project within a specified budget? Did you win an award for your best marketing campaign? What was the final result of the action that you took? 

  1. For example…

Every question in an interview is an opportunity to share an example of your experience. Using a phrase starting with “For example __” to questions the interviewer asks, you can highlight that you can do the job.

It will help the interviewer know you personally and see that you are the right choice for the job.

  1. I have a systematic approach…

It makes a big difference to the company if their employees are organised.

Employers look for organised people who know how to manage time, work well, and deliver results effectively. They expect employees to be analytical and get work done beforehand. 

You can use phrases like ” I have a methodical approach to understand if the concept is not working”, or ” I consider myself to be a methodical thinker and not whimsical,” or ” I consider working in a methodical method.” 

  1. I look forward to…
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You have complete freedom to express your plans regarding working with the company. It can be anything like getting experience in that particular field, or if you believe it is an excellent fit for the industry, or just exploring yourself. 

You can use a phrase like ”I look forward to contributing my skills for this job”. Also, you can say that ”I have a firm belief in your company to be an important player in the industry”, ”I look forward to enhancing my skills as a _____ (profile name) in _______ (industry)”.

There are many phrases that can be helpful when you are interviewing for a job. Some of the more common ones are discussed above. Hope these help you stand out and stay calm in an interview!

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