20 Essential Skills For Resume And How To List Them

Skill plays a vital role in the selection process. Employers look for the abilities that will match the job role. These skills are specially checked before taking the aspirant to the next level. Lists of some skills for resume that will help you to impress your employer are written below. Try to craft your resume by following the skills given here. 

What are Skills?

resume skills

Skills are the qualities matching the job or the other attributes that help an employer while choosing the best from the lots. Skills are of two types- hard skills and must-needed soft skills. Employers always look for the deadly combination of hard and soft skills in a single aspirant to get the best out of him/her. 

Type of skills

Hard Skills

Every job requires some set of skills to come into action. Based on the organization and the job structure, a group of skills is essential for any job. Here you can add your technical skills, certification programs achieved, the training material that you have, and above all, the grace of experience, if you have any.

Hard skills are a set of specific skills without which you cannot avoid while applying for some job. A collection of such hard skills are:

  • Foreign languages
  • Machinery or equipment operation
  • Software

Soft skills

Soft skills are a set of skills that are useful for any job. Some people define it as “social skills” or “people skills” as well. 

  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Problem- solving
  • Customer service
  • Leadership

Though several agencies claim to teach soft skills but unlike hard skills, soft skills are personal traits that are generally in-built. Employers get extra benefits through it, and they look for ways by which they can enhance them more. They give additional preference to those aspirants who already possess such skills. Soft skills help in developing hard skills. Soft skills accelerate your efficiency while practicing hard skills. If you are a programmer and have knowledge of detail-oriented software, you can help your team in a better way. 

Always highlight the skills in which you consider yourself to be best in it regarding a particular job as a job-seeker. The employer prefers a person who knows more about the targeted field. If the two skills are interlinked, try to enhance them in your resume to prove yourself perfect for an upcoming related job profile.

Identify your best skills

If you are unsure about the skills you think are appropriate to share in the resume, share your experience in such a scenario. Try to understand the stream in which you excel. There are specific ways by which you can reflect your best skills in your resume.

Awards and achievements

Were you ever awarded or received recognition for achieving your target or excelling in your stream? If yes, diagnose the skills that are attributed to your success. Think about your unique personality traits that worked like a stone to achieve the milestone. 

Asking colleagues or classmates

“Our faults are majorly noticed by our enemies, and our strengths are measured by our well-wishers” we fail to understand our strength and flaws at times, and here, colleagues and friends appear as a blessing. If you have your own experience, ask your co-worker, they can quickly point it out. If you have no prior experience, take the aid of friends, mentors, and teachers to summarize your skills. 

Talk to those who hold the upper hand in the relevant stream

If you think it is tough to locate and understand the skills that match the job, then try taking help from someone who is doing good in the related field. Try to understand the skills that act as an asset in this stream and later match with the strength you possess.

Skills in Resume

skills for resume

A statutory note- Do not mention the skills you are unsure about or consider yourself a learner in it. Try to add those skills in your resume that you think to be your strength. If the interviewer points out a lack of any particular skill, mention that you are on it.

Here is the List of best skills to put on a resume

  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of the foreign language
  • Achievements and awards
  • Extended computer knowledge
  • Typing speed
  • Prior experience
  • Area of leadership
  • Active listening capability
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Empathy
  • Decision making
  • Administrative skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Accounting
  • Management skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Public speaking
  • Business analysis
  • Sales expertise

Remember to go through the details of the job and learn about the company beforehand.

 Sometimes you may find that you have endless strength, but try not to mention it if it is not relevant to the post. Interviewers do not like to waste time reading resumes that describe skills that are not relevant. Precisely, be specific in writing about your skills.


What to write in skills for a resume?

Mention all the essential skills related to the particular job in the resume. Leadership, communication power, writing skills, command over the computer, planning, focus, aiming for a better goal, and understanding what is more important are some common skills to mention. . Creativity, innovation, and empathy add sparkle to any resume.

How to write language skills in a resume?

I believe a good command of languages gives you a different level of exposure. Mention the languages in three different ways. Mention the languages that you can read, write and speak separately. There are several languages that one can speak but can’t read or write. You should always highlight knowledge of foreign languages. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages is always considered an asset in any company.

How to create a resume skills section?

A skill section is an important segment in any resume that creates an immediate impact on the interviewer. Try to add only those skills that are job-related. Start writing about your marketability efficiency by avoiding the skills that don’t match the job. Try to show the relationship between your skills and the jobs you are willing to apply for. Try to divide the skill section into three parts in which you can mention the skills related to the industry you are applying for, the skills that are compulsory for all industries, and personal traits.

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