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Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?

Woohoo! Excited to start a new role in a different organization, and you must have received numerous greets from your colleagues and officials. However, you have several thoughts going on, and out of which one of them is how you would explain the reason for leaving your current job to acquire the new one. 

It is said to be one of the difficult questions of the interview, and sometimes, it is distinctive for the employee to face his boss to ask for the resignation from his current job. To overcome this fear, you need to prepare yourself on a prior basis and be confident enough to tackle the pressure. 

Thus, you must give a positive response to the interviewer to drag yourself up and earn the new job role, and along with that, you need to be clear, brief, and look for the perfect timings to explain yourself in a better way. 


What are the Reasons For Leaving a Job?

The majority of people have numerous reasons to be answerable to the interviewer and his previous boss. Here are some of them that you can use while having a clear conversation with your executives:

  • Looking For a Shift in Career Path

A career path is one way that helps an individual to explore and research something for himself out of the box. It varies from person to person as people acquiring a job as a Sales executive suddenly feel more comfortable and enthusiastic while watching the marketing team and shifts to look for opportunities in the marketing field. Thus, it helps enhance a person’s skills and practical knowledge to adapt to every professional environment.    

  • A Better Opportunity Coming in Way

As there are developments taking place everywhere across the globe, and in turn, numerous multinational corporations have entered to bring a plethora of various opportunities for everyone. So, no one would leave such an opportunity to head-on. You can confidently be answerable to the interviewer as well as your boss of the previous company. 

Why People Leave Their Current Job?
  • Transfer to Another City

Transferring to another city or country is one of the reasons you can give to your interviewer and your previous executives. Here, you can elaborate on your performance and your skills in your current job. 

  • Inappropriate Organizational Structure

Sometimes improper functioning in the organization does not help the person adapt himself fully in the firm. It is due to the carelessness of the executives and the board members. However, people will look for much better opportunities to grab in addition to work in favourable environments. 

  • One Pursuing Higher Education

‘Learning has no age bars’: people are always eager to learn something new in their lives. Sometimes, the few individuals who have crossed their sixties also have the determination to improvise their skills or learn different things. Therefore, when these locals work in the same field, they look to gain new skills by pursuing higher education in another position.  


reasons for leaving current job

The interviewer is also as eager as you. You are keen to polish your skills, while he is willing to know about you. So, when the interview is going on, he questions why you are leaving your current job. You get confused why he wants to know the reason. Hence, here are some answers to your question:

  • Wants to know about your coordination with former colleagues 
  • Wants to enquire if you left the job on your own 
  • Wants to get a clear image of yours for others
  • Keen to understand if you got fired in any circumstances
  • Eager to know that how well you contribute to your performance in the firm 

Henceforth, for these reasons, he looks upon your abilities and cross-checks your performance in every aspect. Thus, while answering this question, you always need to be confident to set an example in front of HR and prove that you would be the perfect fit for the offered job position. 


Do We Need to Tell Reasons for Leaving a Job?

Here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to get yourself in a good place and get through the interview:

  • Show positiveness
  • Be confident
  • Keep it brief and convincing.
  • Talk about what you are expecting from this role
  • Discuss your passion that you want to achieve


Here are some of the examples of how you frame your answers according to the reason:

Examples for “Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job."

#1: When You Witness the Inappropriate Work Nature

I liked the work and my roles, but everything in the company did not work systematically. Though I made my whole-hearted contribution for the rising graphs, and meanwhile, due to the upbringing of little dilemmas and lack of coordination among the teams led to aggressive behaviour towards other colleagues. 

#2: Looking for a Career Change & a Better Opportunity

I am enjoying my role as a (your position in the current firm), but as I am always keen to learn something distinctive in life, I plan to change my career and opt for (your new role). Looking over my CV and my hidden talents, this position is a perfect fit for me. 

#3: One Needs Flexibility in My Working Hours

As I had to locate myself in another city for work, due to which, there is no flexibility of working hours. Sometimes, I get late from work and am not able to communicate with my family and friends. That is why I want to relocate myself to the city, and I would also be available for my family members. 


Different Ways to Write for Leave Current Job.

To recapitulate, you need to prepare yourself for every varied question in the interview or by any other colleague. Thus, confidence is the only key to clear and obtain your position in your dream company and fulfill your dreams and goals. 

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