7 Signs Its Time For a Job Change

Having second thoughts about your job and thinking about job change is quite normal. But you have to find a solid reason for leaving employment. It might get a little trickier to choose the right time and start looking for a new job. Job dissatisfaction, low pay scale, career growth hindrance, job security issues, interest issues, and many more can be important reasons for a job change. You have to be entirely sure and confident about it; otherwise, you may end up in an even worse position.

Sometimes changing a job can be the best decision for you to be at your mental peace. To turn things simpler for you, we have rounded up 7 signs to know it is time for a job change. This list will help you clear your mind and make the right decision. 

Reason for job change

Signs before looking for a job change

  1. Unbearable Stress: Having stress while at the job is not a big issue, and it is a part of the work environment. Having said that, over-stressing yourself can lead to many problems and can make your life miserable. If you’ve started feeling depressed, agitated, sad, angry, or disturbed all the time, then this might be the point where you should start thinking and planning for a job change. Overstressing yourself can lead to a lot of health problems in the future. 
  2. No signs of growth: You are giving your best at doing your job, but the increments and promotions that you’re getting are not as expected. You feel stuck in a situation where you see yourself going nowhere ahead in life, and the job has become tedious for you. You see your colleagues and friends growing better and faster than you, but it is just a dead-end for you. This is the time when you decide to change your job and bring the fun back into your life.
  3. Lousy working environment: Your boss hates you, your colleagues make fun of or envy you, your company office feels unsafe or unhealthy, or no one just simply talks to you on purpose. These things can be a critical sign to change your job and provide yourself with a better work environment. If you keep working in such a bad environment, this can create multiple mental issues for your health, and your productivity will automatically decrease. 
  4. Facing health issues: Sometimes, a job can adversely affect your health, whether mental or physical. Facing problems in getting proper sleep because of job stress, you fall sick more than usual. The headaches are getting more severe. You have started drinking a lot to feel relaxed for a few hours, having destructive eating cycles like eating nothing for too long, or overeating out of stress. All these problems are signs enough to know that it is the right time to leave.
  5. A better opportunity: You are working fine at your job with no such problems strong enough to make you change your job. This could be because you are an outstanding employee and other companies also want to hire you. They are providing you with some better opportunities of the pay scale or job profile or of any kind that makes your life easier and happier than it already is. You should go for it and grab it while it’s still there because a good opportunity doesn’t knock twice at your door. 
  6. Loss of interest: You are doing a job just because it is helping you to pay your bills, but you often feel that you don’t belong here. You think the work you’re doing is not enough for you, and you can do better in some other field, and you’re genuinely good at it. You feel challenged doing that work every Monday to Friday, and you want to look for something new. Then this might be the time when you should plan your job quitting and do it in such a way that once you leave your employment, you have an alternative to rely on for your living.
  7. Company politics: You are really good at your job and do all your projects with complete excellence, but your part of appreciation is received by your boss or some other colleagues who tend to be the favorites. Politics is going on in most companies where the good employees get suppressed by the cunning ones. If you are in such a situation and don’t know how to handle it, it’s better to leave and join another good company.

Wrapping Up

Change is the necessity of life, and you can’t ignore it to live a healthy and peaceful life. These points will help you to think better about finding reasons for leaving your job. Do follow the signs and start looking for a new job if you face such situations in your career. But do plan your job search before leaving your current job and get hired somewhere else while you’re still employed, so you don’t have to face unemployment problems.

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