Profile Summary for Fresher

A unique, professional statement at the cover letter top is known as a professional summary for freshers. The profile summary mentioned describes whether the aspirant possesses the needed skills, background, and qualifications. It becomes more accessible for the employer to understand the skills of the aspirant. If it is impressive, then-employer goes through the entire CV.

Here we will explain everything about profile summary for freshers, along with several examples of profile summary.
A summary statement that briefly describes the achievements, education, efficiency, and skills of fresher on the cover letter’s top is what we call a profile summary for freshers. The right place to write is under your contact details. It is among the foremost thing in your CV that grabs the interest of the employer. With this set of information, the employer gets the idea of all qualities a job seeker possesses. The profile summary should not extend five statements and should not be less than two statements.

What is Profile Summary?

profile summary

A profile summary for fresher is equivalent to a sales pitch that directly convinces the employers to hire the aspirants. Your profile summary should answer efficiently that why the employer should hire you only?

Importance of Profile Summary for Freshers

There are many benefits that you gain through a profile summary for freshers.

It helps to separate you from other job aspirants.

When an employer looks for the best person to hire, he examines the profile summary first. Ensure that all your competitive skills are written in it to exhibit all your potential there. A nicely framed profile summary can get your CV noticed by the employer among so many applications. A profile summary also describes the exceptional skill an aspirant has to the employer and discriminates him from the rest.

How to write a profile summary for freshers?

A profile summary is not just the brief of CV’s information; it further enhances the employer’s understanding of your strengths and specialties. Here is a list of specialties that one should never miss in a profile summary for freshers:

Note the specific skills- if you are a fresher, design your profile summary carefully. Add all your skills, achievements, and details of degrees that you hold. Do not forget to write about appreciation certificates, achievements, soft skills, college awards, or any diplomas in the related field. If you have aided your school in reaching mass through social networking platforms, do not miss to mention it. Your achievement is the outcome of your hard work and skill, so note it.

Read job details properly- Look for the jobs you are interested in rather than what is available. Check your skills and match them with the set of skills you possess. Once the match is done, you can create a relatable profile summary that will convince the employer about your eligibility for the post.

A short evaluation about you- Record all the points you think are suitable for the job profile and then note down a profile summary to add to your CV. Do not miss any achievements in your CV. Mention if there is any stream in which you are master through the voluntary services, hobbies, or education. Try to use a critical adjective to describe yourself in the profile summary, especially when you are a fresher. Remember to use active voice, correct grammar, and action words to reflect your skills.

Consistency- the writing style should be consistent throughout in a flow. Do not add pronouns while writing profile summary.

What should I write in the profile summary?

Writing a profile summary is an art, and you need to be master in it while entry-level jobs hunt. It should include:

  • Skills in extracurricular activities
  • Internship
  • Volunteering experience
  • Membership in any committee or club
  • Leadership
  • Compare the qualities matching the job role you are applying for. A CV designed with such care makes you the right candidate for the job.

Profile summary examples for freshers

Some of the examples are mentioned below:


Self-motivated professional seeking a chance to use the knowledge earned through the degree of Business Administration. Believe in meeting employer’s aim; possess excellence in digital marketing strategy and meeting clientele’s demand.

Social Media Executive

Brand awareness and client’s engagement is thy passion, with creativity and quick- thinking as strength. Knowledge of copywriting and tool designing. Helped college to grow their Facebook page and has consistently worked to accelerate the social media page. Capable of building an organic community of 50,000 followers in two months. Capable of working under pressure.

Content creator

Specialist in converting thoughts and knowledge to words. More comfortable with lifestyle and health industry. Looking for a job in the health or lifestyle industry. Capable of writing unique content with catchy flyers and slogans. Internship in content creation in the lifestyle industry.

Data analyst

Self-motivated postgraduate looking for a data analyst opportunity. Expert in data analytics and statistics. Can analyze, interpret and utilize the knowledge through analytical tools. Bilingual in Hindi and English with a stronghold on French.

Financial analyst

A skilled and knowledgeable finance graduate wants a position in a growing financial institution. Passionate towards learning, analyzing, financial planning, and report making. Can take the pressure and possess team-building skills.

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