Having A Phone Screening Interview? Top 10 Interview Tips And Questions

Congrats! Your CV has been shortlisted for the current openings in our company. Kindly let us know an appropriate time to call for a brief telephonic discussion.

Before scheduling a face-to-face interview, many companies prefer to speak with shortlisted candidates and understand their expectations and commitments towards their work. The recruiter asks straightforward questions about your basic qualifications, salary requirement, current CTC, and expectations from the company.

This conversation usually lasts for 30 minutes or less. If it goes well, the recruiter will move you forward to the next stage of the interview process.

Yes, you read it right!


What is a Phone Screen Interview?

The interviewer calls the interviewee before proceeding with the interview process. This telephonic conversation, or phone screening interview, is a part of the interviewing process. It helps the recruiters to understand the determination and potential of the candidates who are fitful for the current job openings. 

The phone screening interviews are not about judging candidates’ abilities or questioning their knowledge. It’s all about narrowing down the best candidate who will hold more comprehensive discussions and suits perfect for the job profile. Hence, recruiters are more convenient in having phone screening interviews. 


How to Prepare for a Phone Screening Interview

Time always matters in phone screening interviews. One should be strategic and sound confident during this initial call.

Of course, questions for phone screening will be related to basic qualifications, hard skills, education, and previous job experience for the open position. But, they will also acknowledge the communication and interpersonal skills during the call. In the end, the candidates’ confidence, presentation skills, and determination towards work matter to the organisation.  

There are times when people, even some greatest minds, get anxious and stay numb during the phone screening interviews. Think of this 15 minutes call as a stage of your progress, where you get a chance to speak about your learnings, achievements, and expectations. You can overcome your challenges and take a step ahead in your career path.     

Your only objective should be getting into the list of top candidates for a formal interview in phone screening interviews.  Read further to know some basic questions your recruiter might ask and respond to them with confidence.


How to Answer Confidently During Phone Screen
  • Tell Me About Yourself:

It is one of the obvious questions asked in an interview and works beautifully to impress your interviewers. Tell them about the learnings, challenges, and achievements you experienced throughout your professional journey. As it’s a phone screening interview, you can create a short script with a good story liner revolving around your career. We recommend you keep it brief and frame your sentences in simple words.  

  • Why You Want This Position

You can talk about the past experiences in the same profile and how you have contributed to the previous company to raise its graphs. If you are a fresher, you can speak about your skills and how you would put up your efforts in the organisation to form a different aspect. You can add knowledge or a portfolio when working as a freelancer. 

Steps on How to Prepare for a Screening
  • Salary Expectations:

Many recruiters ask about your salary expectations beforehand. However, in a rush to close this question as a business deal, sometimes candidates tell their lowest expectations to the recruiters.

Before applying for jobs, it is essential to evaluate your job market, work experience, and skills. It will help you to quote appropriate and justified expectations during phone screening interviews.   

Please provide the interviewers with a salary range, as they might give you extra than your expectations. Also, we recommend you never give an exact number; it creates a negative impact. Learning an efficient way to negotiate the salary will help boost your confidence.

  • Practical Question:

The interviewer is always keen to know more about you in any variety of interviews. The interviewer questions your skills and how  you work in the professional environment to check your practical knowledge.

For instance, if you applied for a job role as a Sales Representative, they may ask you to “sell this pen”. Here, they want to check your sales pitch and how you address a customer. 

Common Questions asked in Phone Screening Interviews
  • Your Work History:

To an experienced candidate, the interviewer asks about the work history. They have to talk about the strengths and challenges they faced in that firm. It adds a positive point to your profile for the other company where the application has been submitted.


#1: Research About The Company

When you apply for a job, conduct proper research about the company. It is one of the crucial parts to know the functioning and background of the organisation. Also, you can be answerable to the interviewer as a conventional study of the association has been done. 

Importance of a Phone screening round

#2: Roles And Responsibilities About the Job Profile

Here, you must read the roles offered by the company and examine whether they meet the responsibilities or not. Also, you have to look over the qualifications added by the firm to designate a particular job profile. Therefore, read the job offer clearly and in a calm environment to keep certain factors in your mind. 

#3: Keep A Check Through Email

Always remember to keep a check over the status of your application. You should write a follow-up email with a thank you note and have a good email pitch.

Tips for Qualifying a Phone Screening Interview

#4: Be Confident

When in a phone screening interview, feel free to connect to a person who is interviewing you. You must not show nervousness over the video screen and focus upon the conversation with them.

#5: Your Way Of Presentation

 While giving an interview, you must formally present yourself to look professional in front of HR. It adds a positive impact on your reputation among the colleagues in the organisation. 


Are Phone Screening Interviews Different from Actual Interviews?

Preparation is the Key!

A phone screening interview is the initial step of the interviewing process. It is crucial for the recruiters as it helps them to save their time, resources, and efforts during the recruitment process. Remember, a single mispronunciation of words or phrases might ruin your entire hard work to land in your dream company. 

Your confidence, knowledge, and communication skills can only help you crack these phone screening interviews. Follow these tips and put your efforts into giving the best to the interviewer.

Good Luck For Your Interview!

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