15 Proven Tips To Build Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn In 2022

Personal brand on Linkedin is a great thing that you can control how you’re perceived online. You can carefully craft a narrative that tells people who you are and what value you bring to the table. It’s not just about getting connected with people; it’s about telling them why they should communicate with you!

Different social media platforms reflect various aspects of your personality and professional life. For example, LinkedIn is where professionals find jobs, research companies, and connect with other professionals. It’s a place where industry professionals share their knowledge, work together on projects, and make new connections.

personal brand on linkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most potent and most underused social networks. It is a great way to make connections and to find new opportunities. You have to give yourself the best chance of being found by your ideal employer, customer, or strategic business partner. 

If you want to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile and market yourself, you should follow these 15 proven tips:

15 Proven Tips To Create A Personal Brand On LinkedIn

  1. Optimise Your Profile 

LinkedIn is a search engine and a social media platform. Therefore, the terms you use are pretty important. 

When potential clients or employers search LinkedIn, what keywords do you want to be found for? 

Determine your keywords and use them in your headline, job title, summary, and job descriptions. 

Choosing the perfect wording can mean the difference between having your profile found and being invisible.

how to create a personal brand on LinkedIn
  1. Choose A Good Photo For Your LinkedIn Profile

A photo is the first thing potential employers see when looking at your profile. Therefore, choosing a picture representing yourself and what you do is essential.

When you have a LinkedIn profile, you need to have a good photo to be taken seriously. People often judge others from their pictures, representing who you are. 

You can also upload a cover photo to your LinkedIn profile. It’s a terrific way to stand out and add something unique to your profile.

  1. List All Your Skills
personal brand on linkedIn

Each LinkedIn profile can have up to 50 skills listed. You should fill all 50 slots with relevant talents, and you should think strategically about which skills to include. The 50 abilities you select should correspond to the skills that potential employers or clients are looking for.

Are you unsure what those abilities are? Examine the job postings you’re interested in and discover what skills they require. Make sure to include them if you have them.

  1. Join Relevant Groups

Linkedin is a powerful platform to network, make connections, and find new opportunities. It’s essential to take the time to join relevant groups and discussions. The more you participate in these groups and discussions, the more opportunities will come your way.

  1. Use Keywords In Your Summary

Make it a point to include keywords in your summary of the skills section. Job seekers often overlook this section, but the outline of skills is one of the essential sections on a resume. It should be concise and contain keywords relevant to the position you’re applying for.

  1. Keep Your Summary Section Updated

The summary section of your LinkedIn profile is a critical component. This section should include the skills you have acquired and your background. In your experience, you can mention your current work responsibilities and achievements. 

  1. Involve Meaningfully

LinkedIn should be more than just a place for you to share your content. Make time to check through your LinkedIn stream and look for opportunities to share, like, and comment.

It is also essential for long-term relationship development. If there’s someone you’d like to collaborate with in the future or a client you’d like to land, make it a point to engage with their content on LinkedIn. This way, if you ever get the opportunity to collaborate with them or pitch to them, they will have a history with you – you won’t be simply another link, but someone they have interacted with.

  1. Always Ask For Recommendations
how to create a personal brand on LinkedIn

Don’t just wait for requests to come to you; be proactive and pursue them! Request a recommendation from your connections.

Your coworkers (past and present) or over-the-moon clients that you can count on to share exceptional work are fantastic places to start. Include a personal note on LinkedIn, gently requesting a referral.

  1. Personalise Invitations to Build Relationships

Taking the time to compose a personal note with an invitation to connect will increase your chances of acceptance and allow for future communication. Write a short message (even a paragraph would be enough!) and explain how you met, why you’d like to connect, or something you love about their company or work.

  1. Pitch Yourself Using Description

Spend some time crafting a description that genuinely sells you. Make it more explicit by giving any relevant facts and figures. For instance, claiming that you increased site traffic by X% will be more appealing than simply claiming to be an SEO expert.

Emphasise your most noteworthy accomplishments about the clientele and positions you’re looking to fill. At all costs, please avoid the use of jargon. Maintain the same level of clarity and conciseness in your profile description as you would in a cover letter, and don’t be hesitant to brag about how great you are.

  1. Make Your Customised URL

Millennials are all about personal branding. And with LinkedIn, they’ve found the perfect way to do it. Custom public profile URLs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members can only have one custom public profile URL at a time

Some Tips To Remember When Making Your Customised URL

personal brand on linkedIn
Tip 1 –  Include keywords in the sentence.
Tip 2 –  Limit the number of words to 60 or less.
Tip 3 –  Avoid using double letters.
Tip 4 – Make the sentence as readable as possible.
Tip 5 – Use hyphens (-) instead of spaces.
  1. Share Articles 

On LinkedIn, self-promotion is all about showcasing your knowledge and talent to your target audience. 

It may appear straightforward, but there are no defined criteria for writing about it. Since Linkedin is a professional platform, you don’t need to share everything you do. 

Instead, concentrate on developing content that piques people’s interest in your products or services, for example, an article on one of your accomplishments, a statistic from your industry, or a viewpoint on a current business event.

Future of Linkedin

LinkedIn is not just a social media platform for connecting with others. It’s also a professional networking site that enables you to create your brand and market it. It is one of the most powerful job-hunting tools out there. You can use it to display your skills, accomplishments, qualifications, competencies, and work experience to help you get hired.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know what to take your LinkedIn game to the next level.

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