Must Have Communication Skills For IT Professional

Information Technology has witnessed a boom in the last decade in India, with more and more people opting for courses and jobs in it. With the growth of the IT industry, there has been an upsurge in the demand for skilled IT professionals all across India. Though many students pursue training to be IT professionals, recruiters demand just more than technical skills. Being an IT professional, you are expected to be proficient with the technical side of work and possess the requisite skills for management and efficiency.

One of the critical skills that recruiters seek in candidates is practical communication skills. The Importance of good communication skills can not possibly be understated. Being proficient in crucial communication skills will help you grow in your career. Effective communication demands that you put across your point concisely with precision.

So, what are the critical communication skills that every IT professional must possess? Let us have a detailed look at a few of the vital communication skills and how to improve communication skills.

Must have Communication Skills

  • Clarity and Concision – Both of these are cornerstones for effective communication. An effective communicator who understands the Importance of good communication skills tries to put across his point with as few words as possible. You must have clarity of words and expression so that you do not end up confusing the listener.
  • Listening – An effective communicator does not solely focus on making his point but is also equally eager to understand another person’s point of view. An effective communication strategist makes sure that the other person has an opportunity to be heard equally. He/she does not believe in cutting the other person’s sentences midway and lends a keen ear to what they are trying to say.
  • Nonverbal Communication – No lesson on how to develop communication skills can be complete without stressing how important it is to focus on non-verbal communication. Factors like body language, hand gestures, and tone of voice contribute to making you an effective communicator.
  • Confidence – One who exudes confidence and appears to believe in what he is trying to communicate has more chances of being taken seriously and being heard by co- employees. Things like a firm handshake or making eye contact can help you come as a confident person. If you’re wondering how to improve communication skills and appear confident, you might want to practice in front of a mirror or with friends.
  • Cool Mindedness – There will be numerous occasions when you disagree with what your co-employees might be saying, or there might be professional disagreements at times. During these times, you mustn’t lose your cool and maintain clear-headedness. It is essential that you choose your words carefully in such a scenario and do not say anything that might be hurtful or condescending. A cool-headed person finds it easier to gain the respect of his juniors and co-employees.
  • Open mindedness – One who understands the Importance of good communication skills always starts a conversation with an open mind and flexibility. We all enter into a conversation with some predetermined goals. However, there might be a situation where that might not be possible. So an important lesson on how to improve your communication skills is to enter a conversation with an open mind while being open to change of opinion and listening to the other person.
  • Empathy – One who understands the value of effective communication always strives to be empathetic towards others. Communication is not merely putting your point; it is an exchange of ideas. So it is equally important that you strive to understand the point of view of another person and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Now that you understand all the key skills and the Importance of good communication skills, we hope you excel in your career by imbibing all these essential communication skills. You must understand that developing effective communication skills takes time. You must be patient and practice inculcating all these aspects of communication over time. Good luck!

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