How To Write A Job Offer Acceptance Mail (With Examples)


You have made it this far through the interview process and finally got a job offer.

So you are selected for your hard-earned interview and, after a week, you get a call from the hiring manager congratulating you for your selection. You receive an email of their job offer letter with their terms and conditions mentioned, and it’s upon you to accept it.

A job offer letter is a formally written document between a candidate and the employer. After your interview, if the employer wants to move ahead with your selection, they first inform you informally through an informal email or phone call.

They further send you a formal document of a job offer stating salary, joining date, facilities and perks provided, terms and conditions of the company, and if any information of the candidate is required. 

The answer to this mail of accepting the job offer verbally, through a letter or an email is job offer acceptance. It is a formality required to have the conversation between an employer and candidate recorded for future references. 

This article will guide you through the procedures to write a job acceptance letter from scratch. It will help you understand the objectives and necessary pointers to keep in mind while drafting an acceptance letter.

Procedure Of How To Accept The Job Offer

Job Offer Acceptance Email

Before accepting the job acceptance letter, read the offer letter very carefully. It is essential to know whether you are getting everything you expected out of this job offer.

There are five simple steps during the job acceptance process to avoid confusion on either end of you.

  • Start with Setting Expectations

It’s always best when you are timely in your response to the job offer. So you want to be sure to send a mail on receiving the job offer stating the steps you are taking regarding the job offer and when can they expect you to revert with a reply.

If possible, ask your partner, family, or close friend to read the offer letter and ask for their reviews. For an essential decision like this, it’s better to have a second opinion.

  • Carefully Review the Offer

Never Rush!

Ensure to check all aspects of the request and consider how each section relates to your current role or the other competing offers you may have.

Highlight the crucial pointers in the offer letter. We are sure it will help to make your decision better! If you have time, create pros and cons list from their offerings.

  • Decide on How You Want to Respond

If the employer sends you the official offer letter through an email, it’s acceptable to send your acceptance back.

Likewise, if they send you a physical offer letter, consider sending your acceptance letter in a physical format back.

We would recommend you to first have a verbal discussion with your hiring manager and respond for acceptance.

Job Acceptance Email
  • Begin with Drafting a Reply

After carefully reviewing the offer terms or everything is ready for your acceptance, start drafting a reply. If you are wondering how to begin a response, look at the communication style from the

employer and follow the same tone.

In your job acceptance letter, you should always start by expressing your gratitude for the opportunity to the employer and restating the final offer details as you understand them. 

It can include your expected title, salary summary, the additional benefits you agreed to, and the expected start day. Then, clearly state that you are officially accepting the company’s employment offer.

Conclude it with well wishes and regard. You can also write any questions if you have ahead for your start day. 

If you send the job letter acceptance through an email, make the subject line clear and easy to find. For example, “job offer acceptance-Isha Goyal.”

  • Proofread the Response Before Sending

Be sure to review your response multiple times to spot any errors. It’s always helpful to again enlist a friend or a mentor to help you through this process.

Remember, you always need a second opinion, and drafting a response is helpful when you have another person’s eye view. 

If you accept the job offer letter on the phone or in person, be sure to practice your response and prepare for any query or further negotiations.  

What To Include In The Job Acceptance Letter Correctly

What to Include in Job Acceptance Email

Please cover some of the crucial aspects in your offer letter acceptance:

1- Your excitement to join the company

2- Mention the job title.

3- Showing gratitude to the hiring manager for giving you the opportunity.

4- A formal acceptance statement to the offer.

5- Mentioning the salary and joining date to confirm as well as avoiding confusion.

6- Provide any details asked by the hiring manager in the job offer letter.

It is vital to write your acceptance letter formally and professionally. Your acceptance letter should be well constructed, making the employer think that he chose the right candidate.

Watch out for grammatical and spelling errors! You wouldn’t want the employer to take back his decision because of your sloppy and unprofessional letter.

If you have applied for an internship, it looks good if you send them a courtesy email thanking and accepting the training. You can follow the same template of job offer acceptance and use the word ‘internship’ instead of ‘job’.But before applying for your Job these steps might help you better:

Examples Of How To Accept Job Offer Through Email

Sample Answer for Job Acceptance Email Letter

Subject Line: Job letter Acceptance – Kinjal Jain

Hi Abhay,

Thank you for offering me a job position as SEO Consultant in your company. I am pleased to accept the offer and looking forward to working in your team.

I understand my starting salary will be “agreed starting salary”, with the additional benefit of health insurance. I agree to all the terms of the offer letter and attachments in addition to that. 

I can confirm that I will be joining the firm on 1st December 2021. Kindly let me know if you require any additional information. 

Once again, thank you for the opportunity.

Thanks and regards,

Kinjal Jain

Examples On How To Accept Job Offer Letter

Sample Answer for Job Acceptance Letter Format

Date: ___/____/______


Kinjal Jain,

23/24, Lily Tower, 

M.G. Road,

Mumbai-402933. (Maharashtra)



Mr Abhay Sokanki,

XYZ Textiles,

98/99, Rose Villa,

Link Road,

Mumbai-400012 (Maharashtra)

Subject: Job Acceptance Letter for Junior Product Manager- Kinjal Jain 

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to accept the job offer as a junior product manager in your company. 

I appreciate you giving me time to respond to the offer letter. I am excited to join your company. 

I accept my starting salary “Salary Amount “for this position. As agreed, I will be joining the company on 1st December 2021. I agree to all the terms and conditions of the company’s policy as detailed in the offer letter.

Kindly let me know if you require any information or formalities to do before joining.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work in your firm. 

Yours sincerely,

Kinjal Jain

Final Thoughts

How to Write Job Acceptance Email Properly

A job acceptance letter gives surety to the company about you being genuine and willing to join their company. However, it is not documented! It’s not a compulsion to write. But, reverting to them will create a positive impact on the organisation.

It will represent your sincerity, seriousness, and commitment to work. Hence, writing an acceptance letter is essential for your prospects.

Good Luck!

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