Prepare an Internship Report In 5 Easy Steps

Since an internship trains you and makes you familiar with the field you are striving to work in, in the future, the main focus in an internship report is your skillset and your learning experience gained from your training. Internship reports play a huge role in creating an impression of you in the companies that you may apply to in the future. Therefore, we have listed a few basic steps for you to follow to make a perfect internship report.

  • Design a title page

The introduction of your internship report must be good and you must mention the name of the company you are working for. It should also include personal details like your name, educational qualifications, and work experience. This makes cataloging different reports convenient for the company.

  • Prepare a table of content and acknowledgment

A table of contents and acknowledgment should follow the introductory page. The table of content will allow the reader to identify the topics covered in the report and make them easy to find. Furthermore, adding an acknowledgment page is considered courteous and professional. It includes thanking all the people who helped you grow and train throughout the duration of your work.

  • Discuss the company’s background

Research about the respective company and its background, for example, its founder and its inspiration to do so. You can also mention the company’s business activities and what role you were assigned.

  • Mention the details of the responsibilities and what you learned 

Enlist the responsibilities and projects you worked on during the internship period. Discuss how the company helped you learn new skills and your experience working as a team. Mentioning how it helped you develop personally and professionally, which will help you in your future career, is also recommended.

  • Write a conclusion

Lastly, mention the experience you have had in the internship and the new skills you learned that helped you grow professionally. This will provide a reference for your future internships as to what you expect from them and help understand the current company better coordinate with their future interns.

What is an internship report?

An internship report is a report that compiles all your roles, skills, experience, and exposure you had during an internship and your ongoing considerations. After completing an internship, an internship report is asked to understand the interns better for improvement in the future.

An internship report usually contains the skills you learned, how you put these skills to use, and the tasks and projects assigned.

Importance of internship report

Importance of Internship Report

The requirement for internship reports heavily varies with each company since only a few companies demand one. But an internship report can help you understand and summarize your skills. You will also reflect on how you grew professionally after doing an internship, so it is recommended to write one anyway.

Internship Report Format

While the specific internship report format will differ with every organization, the overall substance incorporates data about the organization, their work, your position in the company, and your general obligations. This is the general order followed:

Cover Sheet 


Training program 


Entry-level position dates 

Entry-level position association 

List of Chapters 


Data about the organization 

Data about the internship 

Depiction of the internship



You must start with “I would like to thank my guides and everybody at the organization for their understanding and help during my on-location preparation. Because of their helpful instructions, I had the opportunity to foster [mention explicit skills] and find out about [mention what you learned].” Mention how learning all these skills will enhance your resume and build your career in the future.

Company Information

You must list all the information about the company or organization you worked in.

For example– “Set up in [year], [the company] is occupied with doing [mention what they do]. They are notable in the field for their [activities]. Their main goal is to [mention business objectives and additionally friendly work commitments].” In addition, you should also mention how the organization assumes a part in advancing [mention social activities] for the government assistance of the local neighborhood area and the country on the loose. Write about how you connected with their vision and felt that their central goal was viable with your perspective and future vocation objectives. This would be the reason who cite for why you decided to be an intern to the particular company.

Information about the position

You must start with -“As an assistant with [the company], I worked in a [mention role] position and was liable for [mention attempted tasks]. Therefore, I was essential for the [mention department] group. Together we chipped away at [name them] activities to achieve [mention end goal].”

Internship Description

In this section, you list all your skills and experience earned while working for this company. You can start with- “During my internship with the organization, I learned [specific skills]. I had the option to place these abilities in [mention work completed] projects. The work was stimulating, and I realized [mention what you learned] about the work and acquired trust in myself.”


Lastly, end with a conclusion. You could start with – “The work encounters I experienced during the internship permitted me to create [specific skills]. However, I need to chip away at my [mention other skills]. Nonetheless, the general experience was positive, and all that I learned will be helpful in my future vocation in this field.”

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