How to Negotiate Salary with HR? Complete Guide

How to Negotiate Salary?

Getting a dream job or a job in hand is the best feeling one can ever have but sticking to an unsatisfactory salary is the worst decision that one can ever make! If you are also one of them, then knowing how to negotiate for salary is a must for you!

The first question that is being asked after your selection by your employer is about your salary expectation. During a survey, it was learned that employees who demand high salaries get high salaries. They should be acquainted with the rules of salary negotiation.

Men or women, who are better in negotiating the salary

 It’s not only men that face such hiccups while negotiating salary, but almost 75% of women face the same situation too!

What is the fundamental problem?

It is seen that a job seeker accepts the salary that an employee offers instead of being demanding what he should get! Starting your career with a low wage may invite a forever loss for you. It will lead to slow financial growth, and if you calculate by the end of your career, you will realize it will be more than what you have earned by then!

How to decide how much you need to reach that satisfaction zone?

 Many questions must be crossing your mind:

  • Salary negotiation is a good idea or not!
  • How to negotiate salary with HR

The answer to the above question is yes, it is as much needed as the job is, Before realizing the negotiation level, you need to mark the amount you could ask during the negotiation.

Specific tips that are going to help you in salary negotiation, Compare the salaries that other companies offer at the same job profile through the online or offline portal.

You have to understand the fact that employers never discuss how much they are paying to others.

There is a specific online website that may help you to fetch the expected salary graph easily. Job openings at different social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc., will give you an idea about how much one can expect from a similar job.

Whether the salary offered to you includes bonus, perk, and other additional benefits or excludes it. Remember to discuss the medical and insurance coverage that you will get while working with the company. Expect silence from job agents as they won’t discuss much on this topic. Sometimes the job offered to you is not preferred by you, but still, here too you can discuss the salary. Discuss the profile and expected pay with your friends, colleagues, and acquaintance to have a better idea. Knowing the pay scale beforehand gives you a better idea to negotiate the salary.

Being experienced adds a perk while you are planning to shift to a new job as you might expect an excellent return to the experience you had gained in your past working life. If you are willing to change the job, discuss it with your present employer to confirm if he/she can pay a similar salary and designation. Demanding a raise before leaving the job is an excellent idea. If you had a good reputation, your employer would love to keep you with him/her at any cost.

You are best

If you are experienced, do mention the value you have added to the company. It will help you gain a raise in your present salary and add stars if you are planning to change job.

Remember to believe that no one can beat you, and then for sure, no one can!

Points to keep in mind to negotiate salary:

  • Employers would love to hire you at the lowest salary for their benefits but remember, do not forget what you deserve!
  • Determine the salary range beforehand that you wish to acquire
  • Fix the least amount that you are ready to accept.
  • The amount that you need to meet your necessities in the absence of any alternative
  • Research about the amount earned by the people of your stream at your level of experience


 If you have just finished college, your enthusiasm and behavior will only add to your salary. Remember to demand at least ten percent more than what is offered to you in such circumstances.

Wrapping up

Remember how to negotiate salary is an easy thing if you know the art of negotiation!

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