How To Answer What Makes You “Unique”


Many of us fear sitting for an interview as we do not know what the interviewer will ask. We make meticulous preparations to appear confident with our answers and leave a good impression upon the interviewer. One question that interviewers often put across is “what makes you unique?” No clear-cut answer exists for these questions as the interviewee’s response would depend upon many factors. So when the interviewer asks, “tell us what makes you unique?” they do not expect the same answer from everyone. As each individual has their shortcomings and abilities, the answer to this question varies from individual to individual.

So, if you are looking forward to ace your job interview, you should better be well prepared for this commonly asked question, i.e., “tell us what makes you unique?” As many individuals are vying for the same position that appears for the interview, your response to interviewers’ questions is what shall set you apart. So, how to effectively prepare to tackle such questions? Before diving into “how,” it will be pretty helpful to learn “why” the interviewers ask this question in the first place.

Why do interviewers ask, What makes you unique”?

The primary reason why the interviewer asks this question is that they wish to assess the skills and qualities of the candidate. They want to make sure that the candidate is best suited for the position they are applying for. So when the employer is asking this question, he/she wishes to know why they should hire you for this position? What is sets you apart from other candidates? How are you different from others? Each job position comes with its own set of responsibilities, so the employer wants to ensure that the candidate is best suited to fulfill the role.

Answering What Makes You Unique

Now that you are aware of what the employer wishes to know when he/she asks, “tell us what makes you unique?” Let us look at a few of the crucial points that you must keep in mind while answering this question or preparing your answer.

  • Keep The Position and Company in Mind – Before appearing for the interview, is it necessary that you research the company and the role they are offering. It would help if you had a clear picture of what the company is all about and its demand for the required job position. You must research the role you are applying for and ascertain the skills required for this position. After ascertaining the points mentioned above, you must cleverly creatively craft your answer.
  • Consider your background – While preparing your response for this question, you must try to convey to the interviewer how you are different from others? It would help if you made a thorough self-assessment of all your qualities, skills, and technical knowledge. Keep in mind all your qualities and shortcomings that have helped you in your career so far. Each individual has some unique skills to him/her; you must rightfully convey all the qualities that are uniquely yours.
  • Look for Feedback – More often than not, individuals find it hard to make an accurate self-assessment. This is where valuable and honest feedback comes in. You must actively seek the feedback of your ex-colleagues and your friends to learn what are the qualities that are unique to you. Try conveying to your friends that you wish them to be completely honest. Take feedback from multiple sources and then assess all the answers. This will help you realize your qualities and shortcomings.
  • Focus on Specific Skills and Traits – After you are aware of the specific demands of the employers and make a thorough self-assessment, it is essential to formulate your answer accordingly. While answering, try to keep your answer concise and focus on the unique skills. For instance, if the role relates to something that requires interacting with customers, try to mention skills like good communication skills, quick problem resolution, etc.

Now that you have a clear picture of all the things you should keep in mind while answering the question, make sure that you go through various what makes you unique sample answers. This will help you formulate your answer more precisely and will give you a clearer picture of what your answer shall be like. Try keeping your answer concise and to the point. Also, make sure that you avoid rambling and keep impressive body language. We hope that this helps you ace your interview and wish you the best of luck!

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