Highest Paying Jobs in India 2021

The Indian job market is transforming rapidly due to new technologies, and many new industries are sprouting. New industries demand a skilled workforce; however, the supply of professionals is lagging. These new jobs are poised to become top-paying jobs in the future. This gap in supply and demand makes these new jobs highly lucrative. Below are the top-paying jobs in India, their Job role, skill set required, and the salary package. 

Here are the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 

Data Scientist 

 Data Science is an emerging field showing very positive prospects, and it applies to so many sectors of the economy. Making Data science a highly lucrative career, the demand for Data scientists is in a surge.  A Data Scientist’s job role is to organize and manage vast loads of data that a company collects from the market or individuals. A Data Scientist identifies vital data sources and automates the process to collect and manage data. Data Scientist analyzes the data to extract trends and uses data visualization techniques to present the finds of enormous data sets.  

  • Skills required from a Data Scientist 
    • Capable of working with complex formulas. 
    • Basic knowledge of consumer psyche.  
    • An understanding of business. 
    • Adept in various programming languages like Python, Java, C#, etc. 

The salary package for a certified beginner Data Scientist is between 5-12 lakhs per annum, and an experienced Data Scientist can easily earn above 50 lakhs per annum. Data science Surely is an emerging career in India with one of the highest-paying jobs.  

Machine Learning Experts 

Machine learning is a field of A.I, which has started to be adopted by every industry, like retail, transportation, healthcare, education, etc. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in India that’s emerging rapidly. Although Machine Learning is still in its infancy stage, the market for ML will surely rise and expand exponentially in the coming years. The job role of a Machine Learning expert is to perform statistical analysis and fine-tune the results. Training and retaining ML systems. Experts work on new designs, programming of algorithms, and implementation according to the business’s needs. 

  • Skills required from a machine learning expert 
    • R/ PYTHON programming. 
    • Good statistical skills. 
    • Excellence in data modeling and data architecture. 
    • Good communication skills, both oral and written. Preparing and presentation of progress reports is an integral part of the job. 
    • ML experts are required to convey technical data into non-technical insights. 

An average salary package for a beginner Machine learning Expert is around 5-7 L.P.A., and with every year of experience, there is a 50-100% raise in salary. Many top experts in the market earn above 1 Crore per annum. An attractive pay package makes ML one of the highest-paying jobs in India. Bangalore is considered the best location for a Machine Learning expert to start his career. 

Blockchain Developer 

 Blockchain is an upcoming field that promises to redefine every aspect of our lifestyle, from transactions, communication, Data security, and handling to Defense and space technology. These advantages of blockchain make it the highest-paying job in India. Blockchain reduces the cost by cutting out the middleman and also improves speed and reach. Blockchain promises to improve transparency and traceability. Therefore, both the private and government sector are embracing this market-changing technology. Due to the considerable shortfall of blockchain developers, the job market is supposed to expand at a very high rate in India. 

There is a wide gap in the supply and demand of blockchain developers, which impacts blockchain developers’ salary structure. Among the majority of software developers in India, only a few have blockchain skills. Even the government is pushing the investment in the blockchain sector, and in recent years, investment in the sector has risen rapidly. 

 Blockchain developers’ job role requires research, designing, and development of blockchain applications and their testing. A blockchain developer has to evaluate and upgrade applications to keep up with emerging tools and technologies. Blockchain developers maintain and extend client and server-side applications and remain connected to the global blockchain community. 

  • Skills required from a Blockchain Developer 
    • Blockchain developers should have a strong knowledge of blockchain architecture, data structures, disturbed systems. 
    • Developers should have a strong understanding of cryptography and Decentralized Application (DApps). 
    • Foundational knowledge of web development and Smart Contract development. 
    • Strong understanding of various blockchain platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, E.O.S., Fabric, etc. 

There is a considerable shortfall and excessive demand for experienced blockchain developers in India, and blockchain developers are among the highest paying jobs in India. An expert with above 2-3 years of experience could easily earn around 30-40 Lakhs. And an annual average income of 8 Lakhs INR for beginner-level experts. 

Full Stack Software Developer 

 The salary package for a fresher full stack developer with less than one year of experience is around four lakhs per annum. Full Stack developers with 1-4 years of experience can easily bag an average salary package of 7-8 lakhs per annum. Developers with more than five years of experience can earn around 20-25 lakhs per annum. Demand for developers makes it one of the highest paying jobs in India. 

The Indian I.T. Industry is supposed to grow in the coming decade, creating a massive demand for full-stack developers. A full-stack developer needs to have a degree in computer science/Information Technology/Information Science. Also, there is a need to have a strong understanding of programming languages like Java, Python, C, C++, Ruby, etc. 

  • Skills required to become a Full Stack Developer
    • To work on a collaborative project. 
    • Good knowledge of both frontend and backend design. 
    • Excellent understanding of the latest software development techniques. 
    • Fundamental knowledge of design skills and web architecture.
    • Understanding of HTTP and REST protocols. 
    • Detail-oriented with an aesthetic eye. 

Full-stack developers are required to make both frontend and backend software. They have to develop the web and have a sound understanding of database systems. A full-stack developer creates a website from scratch. Developers work with websites, CSS, HTML appearance and align them with clients and other targeted audiences.  

 The salary package for a fresher full stack developer with less than one year of experience is around four lakhs per annum. Full Stack developers with 1-4 years of experience can easily bag an average salary package of 7-8 lakhs per annum. Developers with more than five years of experience can earn around 20-25 lakhs per annum. Demand for developers makes it one of the highest paying jobs in India. 

Investments Banker 

  • India has a diverse banking and financial services sector that is expanding rapidly, and many new players are emerging in the market. Investment banking is surely one of the highest paying jobs in the world. To become an Investment banker, you can either pursue M.B.A. in banking and finance or do other certificate and diplomatic courses. 

Investment bankers are high in demand in India, and professionals who graduated from reputed institutions get a heavy salary package. Investment bankers’ role is to aid their clients, either banks or firms, to invest money efficiently, ensuring the highest possible returns. It is among the highest paying job in India. Investment bankers develop various debt and equity valuation models to conclude mergers, acquisitions, and capital-raising transactions successfully. The role also needs to advise the client on new investment opportunities, develop a relationship with new clients. 

  • Skills required in an Investment Banker
    • Good at statistics and calculations. 
    • Possess vital research and analytical skills, as the job requires making suggestions regarding new investments. 
    • Attentive and focused. 
    • Investment bankers should have strong verbal, communication, and presentation skills and convince people and firms to invest according to personal analysis. 

Investment bankers earn around 4-40 LPA INR on average, and for a beginner, salary starts from 4-20 L.P.A., and mid to seasoned Investment bankers can easily earn above 40 L.P.A. 

Management Consultant 

 In India, demand for a management consultant is rising rapidly, making it a high-paying job in the market. To become a Management Consultant, you need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business-related fields with specialization in subjects like Finance, Economics, and Accounting. Nowadays, Management certifications are also gaining acceptance from many firms. 

A management consultant’s main task is to help companies solve problems, improve efficiency, and maximize growth. A management consultant deals with the strategy and operations of the company. The management consultant holds meetings with clients, discusses areas that need improvement, and performs quantitative and qualitative analysis for a solution. The job also needs to make and present a strategy for the implementation of the changes. 

  • Skill required to become a Management Consultant 
    • Strong fundamental knowledge of business, finance, economics, and mathematics. 
    • Ability to work in a team with solid communication and interpersonal skills, both oral and written. 
    • Aptitude to solve problems on time. 
    • Able to face challenges and handle pressure. 

A Management Consultant’s average annual salary is 11-12 lakhs per annum, and a fresher-level Management Consultant earns around 6-7 lakhs per annum. Management consultants having experience above five years can easily make around 10-23 lakhs per annum. 

Marketing Manager 

Marketing is an essential element of every company in any industry sector, and with the advent of digitization and technological advancements, the field of marketing is expanding very fast. A vast number of firms are now hiring professionals to add value to the organization. To become a Management Consultant, you need to have a degree in business administration. Specializations like Accounting/Finance/Business Law/Economics/Statistics get preference. 

The job role of a marketing consultant is to collaborate with development teams and design new products and solutions aligned with the company’s aim and objectives. The management consultant analyzes the market demand, sets pricing strategy, identifies prospective consumers, and chooses the most efficient way to target the audience. Job role also includes creating brand awareness by using appropriate strategies. Professionals also monitor and evaluate the success or failure of different marketing strategies. 

  The annual average salary of a marketing manager is 7-8 lakhs per annum, and entry-level professionals can make around 4-6 Lakhs per annum. Experienced professionals can easily make above 15 lakhs per annum. Good salary packages make Management consultants one of the highest paying jobs in India. 

Chartered Accountant   

Chartered accountants are members of I.C.A.I., the national accounting body of India. Chartered Accountant work in every industry to efficiently provide financial expertise and advice for the accounting and management of money. Accountants provide accountancy, tax, and audit service to their clients and understand various laws regarding money and taxation. 

The Chartered Accountant’s job role comprises maintaining accounts and preparing financial statements by implementing accounting systems and processes. An accountant prepares monthly financial reports and reconciles income statements, also performs auditing and taxation services.  

  • The skillset of a Chartered Accountant 
    • A chartered accountant should have strong communication skills and convey financial aspects to the client in layman’s language. 
    • They should have a sound understanding and awareness of the industry. 
    • Strong quantitative and analytical skills are required, and one should make an effective decision based on analysis. 

Chartered Accountant’s entry-level salary is around 6-7 L.P.A., and experienced professionals can earn above 30 L.P.A. The international salary of Chartered Accountants is above 50 L.P.A. 

Medical Professionals (Doctor/Surgeon) 

India has a vast Medical sector comprising both government and private. Due to swift advancements in the technology realm and demand for medical care in a pandemic, reliable and affordable healthcare has risen in the recent past. The Healthcare Industry provides one of the highest paying jobs in the market, and the industry is also expanding rapidly, creating a great demand for medical professionals. 

 In India, to become a doctor, you need to have an M.B.B.S. (Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree from an institution recognized by M.C.I (Medical Council of India). After completing their M.B.B.S. degree, doctors can pursue higher education like M.S (Master of Surgery) and M.D (Doctor of Surgery). 

The task of a Doctor varies according to the specialization taken during the degree. A general practitioner’s role is to provide a diagnostic and general treatment, whereas an oncologist provides cancer treatment. Moreover, a doctor assesses the patient’s symptoms, makes a diagnosis, and provides the treatment. The role of doctors also comprises communicating with other healthcare staff like nurses, medical assistants, and other health experts to give patients the best healthcare. 

  • Skills required to become a doctor 
    • Quick thinking and problem-solving attitude. 
    • Compassionate and willing to aid others. 
    • Superior communication and interpersonal skills. 
    • Attentive and Patient. 

The medical profession provides one of the highest salary packages in India. The annual average salary of a doctor is around ten lakhs INR. Above a quarter of Doctors in India earn more than 20 lakhs INR. The annual average salary of a General Physician in India is around seven lakhs INR and for General Surgeon is around 11 lakhs INR. 

 Product Management 

Indian industry is changing at a breakneck pace; every sector from FMCG, retail, telecom, Big Data companies to I.T. uses a customer-based approach. Therefore, product management is taking the forefront in organizational affairs. In the coming years, demand for Product Managers is going to rise. The primary educational requirement for a product manager is a degree in business administration. 

 A product manager makes a strategy for marketing, feature definition, forecasting of product or product line. A product manager is responsible for understanding consumer demands and works in teams to deliver the product in a most consumer-centric way. 

  • Skills required for Product Management 
    • Empathy and a sharp eye to notice customer requirements. 
    • Collaborate and work with a different division of the organization. 
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills 
    • Ability to work within deadlines to deliver prototypes to products  

A Production manager’s annual average salary is 15 lakhs, and entry-level professionals can make around 6-8 L.P.A. Whereas an experienced professional can make around 18-20 L.P.A. Salary of a product manager is among India’s top-paying jobs. 


These are the top-paying jobs in India that can ensure employment if you have the required skillset and help you grow financially. This article suggests that various industries have the highest salary package in India. There are many opportunities in India’s highest-paying jobs, and you only need to focus on your goal and invest your efforts to have a lucrative and luxurious career. 

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