7 Great Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

A job is the mirror of your success!!

Having decent working hours, good pay, and recognition is all one desires from their workspace. But, if any one of those factors is unfulfilled, employees will start searching for a new one.

Every individual has their version of a dream job. Some want good career opportunities and pay raises, while some prefer stability and appreciation. Depending upon interest and passion, a person invests their resources to land in their dream jobs.

We all have a dream job. From our college days, we start imagining ourselves in that company for whom we want to work. Sadly, many cannot land in their dream company.

According to a survey, 6 out of 10 employees are unsatisfied with their work. Of these, four individuals had to give up on their dream jobs.

Due to unprepared interview questions, lack of research about the company profile, and other external factors- many individuals give up what they really love and move ahead in their life.  

But, that would be unfair to your life! With the right amount of preparation and little focus on your core strengths, you can surely get on board in your dream job. 

Would you like to know how to get your dream job?

Let’s discuss some points to help you land on to your dream job and create a career in something you love:-

Finding Your Dream Job

Research And Explore About The Role

An essential part of this process is to know what you are looking at. 

Sometimes we look at some jobs, and they look appealing at a superficial level. But, if we land at any such job, they create a lot of expectation and reality mismatch because we weren’t perfectly aware of what the role had to offer. 

But, with easy access to information in today’s digital world, it is not difficult to know what the job has to offer.

It is advisable to study in detail about the company you want to join. The vision, mission, and milestone of the company must be well researched before sending your resume.

If you are serious about your dream job, the hiring managers will come to know about it during the interview, and they will be willing to let you join their firm.

How to Find Your Dream Job

Understand The Job Details

It is essential to know what the company is expecting from you. You should know your key responsibility areas in the company you are willing to join.

Having clarity about job detail is helpful. Once you know about the job clearly, you will get a grip in the interview, which will make you confident.

At the same time, it is crucial to study the interviewer too. Going prepared for the interview will be helpful. Visit their profile on job-seeking websites, learn about common interview questions, and you should know how to describe yourself in a few words.

Know your strengths, weaknesses, and leadership qualities.

Where to Find Dream Job

Personalise Your Resume

You must always avoid writing a long four to five pages resume. The interviewer does not have so much time to read such a long resume. It is advisable to write lively and action-oriented words in it.

Use bullet points to capture maximum things in less time. Writing in sequence about your experience makes it easier for the interviewer to read it. If you are a fresher, feel free to write about the details of your internship.

A game-changer detail following the resume is writing a cover letter. A small cover letter of about eight to ten sentences is required. You must write about your skills, the needs of the company in that and how they combine well.

Your resume should be short but well written(For more reference: https://myfutureapp.in/blog/career-objective-in-resume/). The interviewer should be able to know you by your resume within a minute. Write about your achievements clearly and avoid exaggerating about yourself.  

Describe Finding Your Dream Job

Ask For Help Through Your Social Network

When you research about these jobs, it is advisable to pen down all important points to remember. Also, jot down questions if you have any. 

Once you have all these questions and pointers ready, it is always easy to reach out to somebody with a little bit more experience in the same field and ask them to answer all of the questions for you.

Whenever you approach an experienced person with well-researched and detailed questions, chances are high for them to help you out in a much better way. It shows them that you are very serious about the role and will give you positive feedback.

On the other hand, if you are not entirely sure if the job is meant for you or not, in that scenario, you can always go ahead and apply for internships. 

Internships are a great way to get first-hand experience in any job. It is much easier to find an internship job rather than a full-time job itself.

Explain How to Find Your Dream Job

Be More Than Just Your Resume

My advice here is that you should be more than your one-page resume. It is a competitive world out there, so you need to do some extra steps than just building your CV. 

You can make a video resume that will make you stand out from the crowd. To be looked upon, you need to do something extraordinary and show your skills.

Important Tip: LEARN NEW SKILLS: There are two types of skills, hard skills, and soft skills. Hard skills are skills that you can modify like a foreign language, degree, certificate, accounting, budgeting, and programming. Soft skills include interpersonal skills such as communication skills, teamwork, leadership quality, decision-making skills, listening skills, flexibility, and time management. Effective communication is more of how much you listen than speak. Your posture should be correct, and maintaining a smiling face during an interview makes you look more confident and informative.
Websites That Help Finding Your Dream Job

Make A Checklist Of Documents And Organise Them Well

Last but not least, the most basic yet vital point is to make a checklist of documents you will need and organise them in proper folders. It sounds obvious, but many times when we start applying for jobs, we figure out that some documents are missing, and we create last moment panic. 

Before going for a job hunt, get everything in place beforehand. It gives a positive impact if you have a properly documented folder of your certificates, resume, etc., lined up.

To Conclude

Where can I Find Dream Job

Despite all these tips you are still unable to find your dream job or come across any interview opportunities, then probably you are not referring to correct job-seeking websites.

In this digital era, you do not need to struggle in the market looking for a job. There are widely available free-of-cost opportunities on these websites. Employer comes to you if you present yourself well on these sites.

There are sites available for both freshers and job seekers. The most crucial step is to follow up after the interview. Through a formal email, say a few words appreciating the interview. You should thank them for giving you this opportunity and send them regards.

Writing a cover letter is an uncommon thing to do. But, it will give the hiring managers a good impression of you.

You are this close to getting your dream job! Believe in yourself and grab your dream job! Put yourself out there and do something which most people will not dare to do. #Loveyourjob

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