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Are you planning to take your first job interview but don’t know how to crack it? It’s really a big deal; especially when you’re a fresher and don’t know how to deal with people who are more experienced and qualified than you. In a job interview, it doesn’t matter whether you’re ready to answer the questions or not.


Congratulations on getting selected for the interview round! 

Every individual gets nervous when they hear the word interview, especially when it’s one’s first time. Usually, freshers look tense when they get into the interview room. Although one has all the qualifications and knowledge about their job roles, candidates might get anxious and not communicate properly. It creates a negative impression on HR or the hiring management.

Along with qualifications and knowledge, your employer recruits a candidate based on their communication and interpersonal skills. That only comes when you are confident in yourself.


Interview Confidence Matters

Confidence has a lot to do with Interviewing- That, and Timing.”

Imagine a scenario where you enter a store to buy a formal outfit. The salesperson asks your preference, size-but none of them interest you. However, while you were telling your taste to the previous salesperson, another guy overhears you.

While you were leaving, he called you and asked you to try the last outfit he selected. And surprisingly, this outfit suits your preference, size, and budget. You instantly agree to buy and leave the store happily.

In the above case study, both the salesperson had the same job role and responsibilities. Also, both possess knowledge about clothing.

But, the second person was more confident, demonstrating his interest and enthusiasm for his work. With his excellent communication skills, he was able to win the confidence of his customers.

Confidence is an act of trusting your knowledge and ambition. It addresses your interest and seriousness towards your career goals. During an interview, showing that you trust yourself will help your interviewer to respect you.

Remember, your main aim is to communicate in a better way, not to impress. 

Also, confidence defines how well you adapt to the professional environment. To overcome your fear or anxiousness of interviews, we are listing down some essential pointers that might help to boost your confidence:

  1. Understanding your positive and negative points
  2. Way of presentation
  3. Structured way of answering 
  4. Asking queries and being a good listener
  5. Self-awareness about the roles and responsibilities
  6. Stability in thinking 
  7. Good flow of communication.


Some Useful Interview Tips For Freshers

Your Way Of Dressing And Presenting 

‘First Impression Is The Last Impression’

Majorly, when you go for an interview, you should dress in a formal suit. Men should wear a pantsuit of a decent colour (mainly black, navy blue, and grey), and women should wear a simple pantsuit or a skirt suit. When you dress well, it forms the first and foremost impression over the executives.

A few organisations follow a casual dress code. Men can opt for polo t-shirts and sleek button-shirts, while women can wear a simple Kurtis with leggings. Thus, to appear confident, you need to dress well and be comfortable in your clothing. 

Be A Good Listener

The first step is to listen carefully to what the interviewer wants to ask you. Take a few seconds to think about the way you have to answer. The answer should be up to the point, brief, and understandable to the interviewer.

Sometimes, candidates start answering without knowing the question. It creates a problem for both the candidate and the executive and hence leads to dismissiveness among them. If the question is not understandable, you can ask the interviewer to clarify it.

Thus, you need to hear out HR and then start over by giving your opinion. 

Be A Slow And Calm Talker

A few candidates have a habit of talking fast, which is deniable. During the meeting, you should speak slowly, and every word should be clear and understandable.

It is applicable to take a few seconds to think and answer, but the thinking time should not be long enough. 

However, have a moderate speed of speech and practice talking to yourself in front of a mirror. 

Interview Confidence Tips

Prepare For Some Common Questions

Many times, interviewers are interested in information that is not mentioned in the CV. They would like to know your hobbies, educational background, or recent updates for understanding you.

Instead of answering them in short sentences, try to address them casually and interactively. By addressing these questions with confidence, you can demonstrate your knowledge and interpersonal skills. 

Also, it depicts and creates a good impression in front of the hiring executives.

Learn The Body Language

As soon as you enter your battleground (just kidding!), always shake hands with your recruiters. Handshakes show respect towards your employers and organisation. 

Body language is another way to present yourself. It projects your passion and comfortability to the interviewers. Laughing, smiling, or projecting hand gestures while talking to them is essential to engage your interviewers.

There are several YouTube videos where you can go through and learn the body postures to practice during an interview.

Why interview confidence is necessary

Make Eye Contact

To be confident, try to maintain good eye contact with the person interviewing you. 

Often, candidates look at the back wall of the interviewer as they are hesitant in maintaining eye contact. Not keeping an eye contact creates a negative impression and offends them. 

If you feel nervous, look at your resume between the conversations and then get back to the manager.

Think Positively

The last way to calm your anxiety is to have positive thinking. 

When you have an optimistic nature, everything around you feels good and confident. Not only a candidate but also an interviewer needs a perfect person who fits in the organisation. 

Before entering the interview, you can have a look at some positive videos and calm yourself. It builds an exceptional level of self-assurance in you to clear the interview round. 


What are interview Tips for Freshers

Interviews help you to understand yourself. Discussions are essential to overcome your nervousness and bring out the best in you. It is normal to be nervous, but these ways can help you a long way and attain the designation in the best-known company.

Good luck and be prepared for every minimalistic skill of yours.

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