Can You Work Under Pressure? | 3 Best Interview Answers

Tell Me About Yourself?

How well can you manage last-minute work?

Can you work Under Pressure?

These are some of the questions that an employer will ask you in an interview. The first two questions help them in evaluating your communication skills and confidence. At the same time, the third one enables them to know your managerial skills in stressful situations.

In every organisation, there are moments when one needs to deal with events that happen untimely. A last-minute call from clients, delay in submitting official reports, or meeting unrealistic deadlines- are some examples of under pressure work that occurs accidentally.

Under such circumstances, the ability to remain composed, focused, and professional- highlights your sincerity towards the work.

Why do interviewers ask “Can you work under pressure?”

 How to work under pressure

Anmol and Palak were new interns hired by a content marketing agency. Both were batchmates in their college and highly passionate about writing.

Once, a new client approached the organisation to create content for their website. The client briefed them about their products, services, and company’s profile to the managing department. But, they needed the content within a day as their website was about to get published.

Anmol got stressed and anxious a little as it was a new profile and needed more profound research. He copied some content from other sources and called off for the day.

On the other hand, Palak took this as a challenge and thought to give it a try. She researched the topic and stretched for a couple of more hours. Although there was some pending work from her end, yet the client appreciated it.

Summary: Anmol had to rework his content. Palak was credited for her performance and pitched the client for future collaboration with the company. 

In the given case study, both the interns possessed the same skills and knowledge in their fields. The only difference was their approach. While evaluating their performance in this stressful situation, the hiring manager will prefer Palak to work permanently in their organisation.

If the hiring manager asks you this question, they are certainly interested to know how you perform in stressful situations. It will help them to evaluate your candidature and worth in their organisation.

A recruiter asks this question to assess your logical thinking approach in high-pressure situations. With qualities like quick thinking abilities, calmly dealing with last-minute changes, and handling stress at the last minute can make you an ideal candidate for the company. 

How to work under pressure? – Sample answers depending upon different industries

Different industries deal with different stressful situations or circumstances. A chartered accountant firm is always in a rush to fill ITR before the end of the assessment year to avoid penalties. At the same time, car manufacturing companies need to clear old stocks before launching a new version.

Depending upon your targeted industry, we are providing you with sample answers for the question: ‘Can you work under Pressure.’

Can You Work Under Pressure?
  • Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is booming. It’s an amazing industry where you can contribute your creativity, knowledge, and innovative ideas for organisational growth. However, it’s a stressful job.

Stress is inevitable in digital marketing agencies. From diagonalising a client’s website issues to generating organic traffic through social media platforms, a company needs to address every issue spontaneously.

While answering your recruiter, particularly from this industry, you need to evaluate every pros and cons of a digital marketing agency. It will make a positive impression in front of your recruiter and increase the chances for selection in the company.

Sample Answer: 

I perform better under pressure scenarios. I enjoy undertaking challenging tasks and finding easy and creative solutions. 

As a digital marketer, I am very well aware of the challenges we face every day. From generating organic traffic to fixing clients’ websites at any minute, we have to complete our tasks instantly. 

In stressful situations, I never rush to complete every task at the same time. I prioritise them and finish what needs to be done first. It helps us get work done quicker, and in the process, I also achieve strong team morale.

Tips to Answers Questions Related to Work Under Pressure
  • Legal Industry

Law and order is the most respectful work in any country. Along with regularly updating themselves, a lawyer needs to possess good communication and analytical thinking approach to serve justice for their clients. 

However, the job roles and responsibilities of a lawyer are never a piece of cake. Every day, an attorney juggles with time-crunched deadlines, long working hours, and complex situations. When the circumstances arise, they need to deal with clients in an emotional or vulnerable state of mind.

While answering your recruiter, particularly from this industry, you need to evaluate every pros and cons of a legal industry. It will make a positive impression in front of your recruiter and increase the chances for selection in the company.

Sample Answer:

Work pressure does not make anyone happy, but it’s part and parcel of your work life. Before starting to study law, I was advised to learn to take the situation in control, and hence, I developed the ability to work under pressure effortlessly.

During my initial internship days, my senior asked me to prepare paperwork for a new client. While instructing, he received an urgent call from another client and had to rush for a meeting. He told me to do it by myself, as it was necessary.

As I was new, it was difficult for me to arrange proper papers properly. But, I kept my calm and asked my other superiors to guide me a little.

It took me a little time to understand the paperwork, but once I did, I got excited and ended up with all necessary documents efficiently and well before time.

I know it was a small gesture, but it was great learning for me.

Essence of Questions like Can You Work Under Pressure

  • Information Technology (IT) Industry
  • IT is the future of the business. In 2020, the IT industry accounted for 8% of India’s total GDP and recorded 1,38,000 new hires. A good salary package, multiple career paths, and quick employment opportunities- are the top factors a person considers to join this industry.

    However, the IT industry and stress are two sides of a coin, totally inseparable. An IT manager needs to deal with many technical challenges like cybersecurity threats, cloud computing, digital transformation of data, etc., that consume a lot of time and energy.

    While answering your recruiter, particularly from this industry, you need to evaluate every pros and cons of an IT industry. It will make a positive impression in front of your recruiter and increase the chances for selection in the company.

    Sample Answer:

    Yes, I can work under pressure efficiently. Working under stress is one of the most important things I learned, especially in the IT industry. During my early days, I used to find it very difficult, but gradually I got the hang of it. 

    While working for my previous organisation, I had to stretch my working hours in the WFH scenario. Although it was a pandemic, many companies were digitalising their work. There were times when I had to submit a program within a day, irrespective I had to work on other priorities.

    However, I deliberately took it as a challenge and gave my best. Many were good and appreciated, while few I had to work on again. Overall, it was satisfying.

    To Conclude

    Work Under Pressure FAQ's

    Usually, interviewers are interested to know about your story. They ask questions to know about your struggles, success, and achievement throughout your lifespan.

    While asking questions like, “Can you work under pressure?” they want to know your reactions. Hence, answer them with confidence and honesty. They will definitely appreciate it.

    Good Luck!

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