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Munish Dubey

9 Reasons Why You Are Facing Job Rejections

Reason for resume rejection

You might have sent numerous job applications in every company and even in various positions. But if you are still facing rejections, then there might be some issues with your applications. Sometimes, people are unaware of how to structure their…

11 Ways To Increase Efficiency At Work

Increase Work Efficiency

The forever saying “Hard work is the key to success” in this new era is getting replaced with “Smart work is the key to success.” Nowadays, every company wants to hire those who can do their work in a shorter…

13 Strategies to maintain work life balance

Maintain work life balance

In this technologically advanced era where everybody is working from their homes, and the employees are accessible 24×7, the work life balance has diminished to its full extent. In many cases, companies are making their employees for even more than…

7 Signs Its Time For a Job Change

reason for job change

Having second thoughts about your job and thinking about job change is quite normal. But you have to find a solid reason for leaving employment. It might get a little trickier to choose the right time and start looking for…